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Brain Injury / Stroke and the Loss of Emotions

Brain Injury / Stroke and the loss of emotions. –
One of our vital brain centers that produce and regulate emotional responses is the amygdala. Precariously centered in the line of fire just above the Cerebellum, this tiny organ can be damaged irreversibly by brain injury stroke.
This can cause us to react with either strong out of control emotions, or with no emotions at all. Unfortunately, for too many, the effect appears to be strong emotions, such as depression, crying over any uncomfortable situation, expressions of anger or violent reactions.

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The medical solution, of course, is drug therapy to replace the actions of amygdala to regulate the emotions. Unfortunately, these drugs cannot discriminate like our old amygdala did, and more often than not, we are turned into emotional zombies, or very close to it.
Talk to your Doctor! You have right NOT to be an emotional zombie. There are many, many drugs they can select from that have varying power. Have them find the one that helps control your emotional outbursts, but does not make you a Zombie.
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