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Our Founders

About the Founder - Tom Schuck

Tom Schuck established the There Is More Support Group. This is his story:


Before my stroke and brain injury, I held positions as Director of Information Services at a national medical monitoring company, owned a software company and was a part-time Pastor. After my brain injury and stroke, I found myself unable to do the things that had given my time meaning and my life purpose. After a short time, I fell into despair. I knew that there had to be something more. I was determined that I must find new things that I could do - new hobbies and activities. I looked for people that I could talk to who understood my frustration and the physical pain of everyday living of the aftermath of stroke and brain injury. If the doctors could not repair my brain, I was going to “fix me.”


Tom Schuck is still unable to work, yet through the help of a loving wife and family, he enjoys life.  He actively seeks to increase involvement in the There Is More Support Group to help others with their new life transition.  He loves sailing and does it as often as he can.  Tom and his family live in Connecticut.



About the Founder - Steve Tate

Steve's story will be added soon.




Tom Schuck has written several books about living with stroke and about his favorite animal - the squirrel.

This book deals with the depths of depression that many survivors of stroke and brain injury go through, whether they are able to express it for themselves or not.

The book ends abruptly, without hope, at the end of despair - for that is a common a experience. In fact, the primary reason for the book was to bring hope and healing through the understanding that the pain the reader is going through IS a common experience.

In my sequel Building a New Me. Search for Spiritual Meaning After Stroke/Brain Injury, I discuss my journey away from the depression and finality of the first book, into answers and solutions. The sequel is NOT about roses and platitudes, because the pain never goes away, it is about successes in building a new me.

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A Brain Injury/Stroke Survivor continues his survival story as he discusses the need for spiritual meaning when rebuilding life after catastrophic loss.

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