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Resources & Links

Links, Sources and information.



Be active in one or more relative Facebook groups.

Here are a few:

There is More Meeting Group (this is US!)

Young Stroke Survivors

Stroke Survivor Support Group

Second Chance Stroke Survivors

Brain Injury Awareness



Make sure you are getting plenty of sunshine.



Phone Calls, Getting Help from Strangers.

My first sentence often is:  Hello, I am a brain injury survivor and I easily get confused, but I really need to (get this matter cleared up, get an answer to my problem, etc.), so please be patient with me.  Every time I have done this, the person on the other end has been incredibly kind and helpful.


Find Ways to Laugh

Read funny books or listen to funny audiobooks.

Watch funny movies.

Remember funny stories.


Find Ways to Think

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to have fun and engage the mind.  Free software and apps are available in Windows, Android, iOS and others.  Look for "Magic Jigsaw Puzzle" and"PuzzleBoss."


Find Ways to Be Creative

Add art, music, poetry, creative writing, photography, painting, sculpting and origami, anything that you or your family can think of.






Getting Up from the Floor

Click the image to download your own copy.

How to Help Someone Get Up

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Tom Schuck has written several books about living with stroke and about his favorite animal - the squirrel.

This book deals with the depths of depression that many survivors of stroke and brain injury go through, whether they are able to express it for themselves or not.

The book ends abruptly, without hope, at the end of despair - for that is a common a experience. In fact, the primary reason for the book was to bring hope and healing through the understanding that the pain the reader is going through IS a common experience.

In my sequel Building a New Me. Search for Spiritual Meaning After Stroke/Brain Injury, I discuss my journey away from the depression and finality of the first book, into answers and solutions. The sequel is NOT about roses and platitudes, because the pain never goes away, it is about successes in building a new me.

Click here to view or purchase.


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