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As a survivor of brain-injury, stroke, or other injury that affect your neurological systems you are the only one who is MOST aware of your limitations and danger settings.
I have found for most survivors, including myself, that the FOUR most dangerous settings that cause a survivor to have a pain/nerve/mini-seizure attack are:

  • Intense light.

  • Loud or inconsistent noises such as large crowds, machines, etc.

  • Crowds, and feeling overwhelmed

  • Multiple conversations, or attempting to multi-task.

A case in point of self advocacy occurred recently when I had a minor TIA. After it had resolved itself under the supervision of a good friend who is also a EMT, I called my doctor to simply notify him of the incident. the nurse wanted me to go to the ER to be monitored. I declined for the following good reasons:

  • Intense Hospital Lights,

  • Loud Inconsistent noises,

  • Crowds,

  • Many people carrying different discussions,

  • Feeling Trapped,

  • Unable to Rest.

Far too many of my personal danger triggers would be tripped.
Later that afternoon, my doctor called and agreed with my decision and advised me to also to avoid the ER.
Be your own Advocate.

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