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The Annual Stroke Meeting at Hartford Hospital 2018

There Is More joined dozens of other organizations at the Stroke Conference sponsored by Hartford Hospital in May 2018.

Pictured above is Daryl Hayott.  He and Tomaca Govan manned (and "womanned") our table for the event that day.  We passed out as many business cards and brochures as we possibly could.

People are actively seeking answers, solutions and support for stroke.  We want a cure.  We want to understand why this happens and how we can prevent it.  In addition, we want to be able to cure it if it does happen!

Several speakers talked about their experience as stroke survivors.  We also listened to a caretaker who spoke.  Susan Taboada, APRN was the main guest speaker for the event.


Pictured above is Daryl Hayott and Susan Taboada, APRN.  Daryl feels very fortunate to have been able to work with Mrs. Taboada after his stroke recovery.


Susan B. Taboada, APRN


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