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Signs of Stroke

Stroke.Org and several other major medical organizations have developed the symptom recognition tool for tool called FAST.  But recently, a new general symptom for recognizing that a stroke is imminent has been added.

First, what is Fast?

Well Now, it seems that the T is Fast should be replaced to stand for the TONGUE.

For example, If you, or a suspected person, falls for no good reason, or excuses it as a "new shoe" or "bum knee" ask them to humor you and stick out their tongue. If the tongue is crooked to one side rather than straight, THIS MAY INDICATE A STROKE. 

Another example.  If you or a suspected person is complaining of numbness on one side of their body, you may also want to apply the tongue check, or the entire fast routine.



So I have developed the FastER code.

F:  Is their Face drooping on one side?

A:  can stand for either “Arms”, can they evenly raise both arms.  “A” also stands for “Ask”.  Ask the person that they should know the answer to.

S:  Can stand for either “S”. is one side of the smile drooped? Or “S” can stand for “speech difficulty”, are they mumbling or not making sense?

T:  Now stands for Tongue. Stick it out. Is it crooked or straight?

ER: I added this to stand for: get the person to the ER.  You have an emergency on your hands.


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