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Start Small

Rolls, Responsibilities and Life Changes due to Stroke and Brain Injury

Using our past skills and abilities in our new life. Is it possible? Or do we have to accept that everything is a start over?

This is a difficult part of the journey for many, and continues to be for me.

Who I was (as identified by what I did)

  • Senior Software Developer

  • Projects Manager

  • Data Analyst

  • Marriage Counselor

  • Kayaker

  • Hiker

  • Fitness nut

Where I am after my brain injury.

Damage to my left side brain seriously hampers logical thought and number processing. I no longer can write simple lines of software code, much less the extravagant brain activities that I was used to. Nor do I have the memory or function to track the multiple streams of a project.

Due to damage to verbal filters, I often find myself verbalizing thoughts in inappropriate manners. Counseling others is out of the picture for me.

Loss of Balance, dizziness and vertigo have robbed me of managing my fitness. Medications have caused weight gain discouraging my overall fitness desires.

Can anything I did still be used?

Actually yes.

I volunteer at BIACT (Brain injury alliance of CT). Since I possess experience and computer skills that are helpful to the staff, My understanding of the internet allowed me to introduce time new processes and procedures. I was able to use basic logic and practice and procedures.

I utilize my years of business experience to help with some admin activities as I volunteer at Sail Connecticut Access, an organization that provides sailing to individuals with brain injury.

Just due to brain fatigue, I can’t do much many hours, about 4-5 hours PER WEEK, but everything is fullfilling and rewarding.  I also have taken up writing, photography and painting.

My advice. Start.

Start small. Don’t make big promises or bite off more than you can chew. Remember, new activities are likely to be VERY tiring. Build up your stamina.

But do start

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