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We Hold A Secret

We hold a secret that is beyond

the comprehension of mortals.

That the untested, the pain free

will never know.

The “unlucky” are those who existence

are stretched out as days, and months.

Who pass years into years without

looking up

 to see a sunset.

Or looking down

to see grass in bloom.

Beauty and the Muse fear the abuse of strong

And will rarely allow itself to be pursued.

Beauty and Muse have no fear of pain,

They are enraptured with pain.

They pause and lace pain with their feathers.

Beauty and the Muse  look on pain

With a touch

I am here to be seen,

To learn what I

Cannot comprehend.

Tom Schuck 2019

As a survivor of any life changing situation, such as brain injury, one often begins to view life in a whole new delicate, breathtaking manner.  Every day can no longer be viewed as another day to be accomplished, but each day is a collection of inspiring or violent moments.

Violent moments can be few, many, inconsistent or frequent.  They are the moments of Pain. The moments of searing, stabbing pain that raids every nerve ending, every bone, and every muscle.

The Inspirational moments are often the in-between times.  The brilliant sunlight that connects the storms of life.  They are the moments that allow one to pause, to toss out of their mind anything that is unpleasant, and focus only on the most pleasing, soothing, gentle thoughts.

It is the ability to engage with the Muses,  to enjoy the arts, to create and to experience life with little  care for the notice of others.

If the inspirational moments are nothing more than bridges between the darkest and most painful times, what are we to say?

We know “Time” and its singular companion: now.

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